MasterBrace Laminate - Ready to use Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer laminates

Formerly MBrace laminate

How does MasterBrace Laminate work?

MasterBrace Laminate are ready to use pultruded carbon fibre laminates (plates) that provide high tensile strength for flexural reinforcement (plate bonding) of concrete, metal, wood and other construction materials.

Recommended uses:

  • Increase the load-bearing capacity (e.g. structural conversion following a change in capacity load).
  • Reduce deflection to structural elements (increase in rigidity).
  • Increase fatigue resistance
  • Limit or cover the fissuring (cracking) states (increase in durability)

What makes MasterBrace Laminate a unique solution?

MasterBrace Laminate is strong and sturdy laminate with fusion bonded peel-ply which makes it ideal for flexural strengthening of RCC members.

What are the features and benefits of MasterBrace Laminate?

  • High strength to weight ratio – provides
  • additional strength without adding to the ‘dead load’ of a structure
  • Small profile – does not reduce overhead
  • clearance in buildings or parking structures
  • Available in a range of cross sections – allows for cost effective design
  • Lightweight – easily applied using hand application techniques
  • Fast curing adhesive – quick installation
  • avoiding costly downtime of structures or buildings
  • Simple installation – can be applied insitu to structures in use

MasterBrace 1441

Epoxy bonding paste for pre-cast segments

MasterBrace 2200

MasterBrace 4000

MasterBrace 4500

MasterBrace Fibers

MasterBrace Laminate

MasterBrace P 3500

MasterBrace 1438

General Purpose, epoxy bonding paste