MasterEmaco N5200 CI - Universal, fast-setting, polymer modified, fibre reinforced, light weight repair mortar with active corrosion inhibition

How does MasterEmaco N5200 CI work?

MasterEmaco N5200 CI is a universal, single component, polymer modified, fast setting, repair, reprofiling and levelling mortar containing active corrosion inhibition. It contains special cements, graded sands, selected polymers and fibres to reduce shrinkage and improve physcal and application properties. When mixed with water, it forms a mortar with an exceptionally wide range of applications. MasterEmaco N5200 CI can easily be hand or rowel applied in thicknesses from 3 up to 100 mm.

Recommended uses:

  • For the non-structural repair of concrete elements like balconies edges, building facades, parapet walls, precast panels, beam edges and stair nosings.
  • Can be applied as a smoothing or levelling coat at only 3 mm thick on large vertical and overhead areas to achieve a more aesthetic finish e.g. prior to painting.
  • Can be applied in environments where active corrosion inhibition is necessary.

How can you benefit from MasterEmaco N5200 CI?

Shrinkage compensation systems and fibre reinforcement - minimise crack tendency

Smooth, creamy, non-slump mortar, superb ap0plication properties and feel on trowel - easy to create proiles and cornerwithout formwork.

Excellent high build capacity - can be applied 80-100 mm in vertical applications or 70-80 mm overhead in one layer

Multi-use - fairing coat and patch repair mortar in one with active corrosion inhibition.

Fast setting and good strength development

Chloride-free - does not add to chloride load of structures

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