MasterEmaco P 5000 - Single component, cement based, multi-use, bonding and active protective primer

How does MasterEmaco P 5000 work?

MasterEmaco P 5000 is used for the protection of reinforcement steel:

  • When steel is visible and the available depth of cover is less than 10 mm
  • When concrete is contaminated with chlorides
  • In critical environments when extra protection is specified
  • With MasterEmaco R 5200CI repairs when steel is visible
  • When the timing at the jobsite does not allow for the repair mortars to be applied immediately after cleaning the steel

MasterEmaco P 5000 can also be used to aid bond and application properties of hand applied repair mortars in extreme thicknesses and conditions.

What makes MasterEmaco P 5000 a unique solution?

MasterEmaco P 5000 meets the needs of the customer for a protective coating for newly cleaned reinforcing steel and as a primer for application of repair mortars. Its active corrosion inhibiting ingredients make the repair process more efficient by allowing the preparations and application of the repair mortars to be separated by some days without compromising the integrity of the cleaned and prepared steel
MasterEmaco P 5000 can also be used as an adhesive bonding slurry for subsequent repair mortars.  When mixed with water, it forms a slurry that can be applied by brush to the clean exposed reinforcement, or directly on the dampened, prepared concrete substrate when used as a bonding coat.

How can you benefit MasterEmaco P 5000?

  • Meets all major international norms - for steel priming in concrete repair systems.
  • Excellent rust inhibiting properties - as it reinstates a high pH environment.
  • Contains active corrosion inhibitors - to further protect the steel.
  • Polymer modified -for additional adhesive bond to the steel.
  • Long life repairs - Does not reduce adhesion of repair mortars to steel
  • Wide Compatibility -with steel reinforcing bars and concrete or repair mortars.
  • Fast curing -to save time and money
  • Simply mixing –just add water
  • Multi-use - can also be used as a bonding slurry to improve bond and application thicknesses of MasterEmaco repair mortars on prepared concrete surfaces.
  • Light grey/off white colour - for easy site control of reinforcement coverage
  • Only use what is needed -Supplied in re-usable air-tight containers
  • Low hazard -Low chromate (Cr[VI] < 2 ppm )

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MasterEmaco P 5000

Single component, cement based, multi-use, bonding and active protective primer

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MasterEmaco P5000: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (74.12 Kb)