MasterFlow 150 - Plasticised expanding admixture for cement slurry and grout

Formerly FLOWCABLE 50

How does MasterFlow 150 work?

MasterFlow 150 is a powder additive which when mixed with cementitious system imparts shrinkage compensation and high flowability, pumpability to the mix. It produces controlled expansion and minimises water demand.

Recommended uses:

  • Cable duct grouting
  • Cavity filling
  • Filling gaps between precast elements
  • Repairing honeycombs by pressure grouting
  • Site batched repair/reprofiling mortars
  • Filling up the plumbing & electric chases

What makes MasterFlow 150 a unique solution?

MasterFlow 150 is a simple to use stable product for grouting post tensioned cable ducts by mixing with cement.

What are the features and benefits of MasterFlow 150?

  • Based on gaseous expansion system – compensates shrinkage in plastic stage
  • Plasticising action – reduces water demand, improves strength and pumpability
  • Easy to use packing – no mistakes on site
  • Only make what is required – Most economical to use
  • Robust - Compatible with wide range of chemical and mineral admixtures and rapid hardening portland cement and most types of portland cement

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