MasterFlow 788 - Non-shrink, cementitious grout for under water applications

How does MasterFlow 788 work?

MasterFlow 788 is a ready to use, cementitious grout which, on mixing with the specified quantity of water provides a flowable grout with high resistance to cement wash-out when placed under water, with high early and final strength characteristics. The grout undergoes controlled expansion in the plastic state.

MasterFlow 788 is recommended for repairing structures under water and in tidal zone by grouting. The grout is suitable for use under both stationary and moving waters. Applications include repair of:

  • bridge piers
  • concrete piles
  • jetty pillars
  • harbour walls 

What are the unique features of MasterFlow 788?

MasterFlow 788 has no significant cement wash out under water. Gains full strength even under water.

What are the beneifts of MasterFlow 788?

  • Shrinkage compensated - continues to retain filled volume
  • Free flowing - flows easily even in gaps as narrow as 20 mm, to facilitate complete filling of voids
  • Pre packed - no batching or blending errors. Consistency in performance from batch to batch
  • Dense micro structure - resists water ingress. Protects steel
  • High early and final strengths - early load transfer and rapid installation
  • High bond strength - primer not required to facilitate good bond

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MasterFlow 788: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (146.96 Kb)