MasterGlenium SKY 8777 - PCE based superplasticiser for High Quality ready-mix concrete using Total Performance Control™

Formerly Glenium SKY 777

How does MasterGlenium SKY 8777 work?

MasterGlenium SKY 8777 is the superplasticiser based on second generation polycarboxylic ether polymers, developed using nano-technology. The product has been primarily developed for applications in high performance ready-mix concrete to facilitate Total Performance Control™.

MasterGlenium SKY 8777 is free of chloride & low alkali. It is compatible with all types of cements

Recommended uses:

  • MasterGlenium SKY 8777 is used for the production of high quality ready-mix concrete.
  • MasterGlenium SKY 8777 is suitable for making precast concrete elements at all workability’s including Rheoplastic or Super workable concrete having fluid consistence, no segregation, a low water binder ratio and consequently high early and long term strengths.
  • MasterGlenium SKY 8777 may be used in combination with MasterMatrix 2 (formerly known as GLENIUM STREAM 2) for producing Rheodynamic Concrete, capable of selfcompaction, even in the presence of dense reinforcement.

What makes MasterGlenium SKY 8777 a unique solution?

MasterGlenium SKY 8777 helps to produce high performance concrete with longer workability retention , and high early strength. Mostly compatible with all OPC, PPC, PSC and can be used with high pozzolonic material.

What are the features and benefits of MasterGlenium SKY 8777?

  • MasterGlenium SKY 8777 is based on Total Performance Control™ concept – which ensures that ready-mix producers, contractors and engineers get a concrete that is of the same high quality as originally specified; starting from production at the batching plant, to the delivery and application into place and followed by its hardening process. Utilising Rheodynamic Concrete technology, it provides a concrete mix with exceptional placing characteristics and accelerated cement hydration for early strength development and high-quality concrete.
  • The product offers the following benefits for:

The ready-mix producer:

  • Capability of delivering high quality concrete at any time to the job site in place
  • Production of concrete with low w/c ratio that meets international guidelines for consistency classes(EN 206-1) without loss of workability
  • Single product for many application needs

The Contractor/Applicator:

  • Easier placing and faster strength development
  • Improved concrete surface
  • Guarantee to place the same concrete as specified and ordered from ready-mix plant

The Engineer/Developer:

  • Insurance that concrete meets original specifications
  • High quality concrete with improved durability