MasterRoc SLF 30 - Soil conditioning foam for Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM)

How does MasterRoc SLF 30 work?

MasterRoc SLF 30 is a foaming agent especially designed for soil conditioning in shield tunnel boring machines.

What is the field of application?

For soft ground tunneling

What are the features and benefits of MasterRoc SLF 30?

  • Improved soil behavior
  • Easier "mucking"
  • Reduced permeability and increased sealing at the face.
  • Creation of plastic deformation properties in the soil, which provides an even and controlled support pressure and increased face stability.
  • Lower inner friction and lower abrasiveness of the soil at the cutterhead through to the screw conveyor and conveyor. This reduces power consumption, enables soil extraction and conveyance, as well as reducing wear costs.
  • Reduced stickiness in certain soil, which would lead to blockage problems


MasterRoc SLF 30: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (199.06 Kb)