MasterSeal Traffic 2255 - Trafficable waterproofing system for parking floors

How does MasterSeal Traffic 2255 work?

MasterSeal Traffic 2255 is a 2.5-3mm thick liquid applied, tough but elastic polyurethane watertight car park deck system with static crack bridging property for use in intermediate and basement decks and ramps area to provide a tough scratch resistant floor finish. The system is based on advanced polymer to hold onto the broadcast aggregate tenaciously providing a hard wearing and skid resistance surface. It consists of an epoxy substrate primer, tough but elastic polyurethane wearing coats and hard wearing epoxy top coat.

Recommended uses:

MasterSeals Traffic 2255 is intended for use on intermediate and basement car park decks and ramps where a static crack bridging and hard wearing system is required.

What are the features and benefits of MasterSeal Traffic 2255?

  • Attractive appearance
  • Low dirt and tyre marks retention
  • Excellent wear and slip resistance
  • Tough end elastic to withstands loads imposed by traffic
  • High capour permeability that low risk of blistering and monolithically bonded to the substrate
  • Impervious and seamless for easy to clean and maintain
  • Resistant to fuels, battery acid, de-icing salts, alkaline cleaners
  • Solvent free and compiles with HK EPD requirement
  • Low emission to AgBB
  • LEED certification

MasterSeal Traffic 2255 offers a range of colours, please contact BASF Construction Chemicals (HK) for further information.


MasterSeal Traffic 2255: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (198.75 Kb)