MasterTop 1270 AS - Anti-static, conductive, self-smoothing flooring system

How does MasterTop 1270 AS work ?

MasterTop 1270 AS is a joint less, solvent free, conductive epoxy flooring system consisting of an insulating primer, a conductive promer and a conductive topcoat. the cured system exhibits excellent conductive properties and finishes to a smooth, seamless surface with an attractive appearance that can easily be cleaned.

Recommended uses:

MasterTop 1270 AS is recommended for floors in environment where static electricity and stray currents produced by friction could pose risks of explosions or interference with the working of precision electronic instruments.

Typical application areas includes:

  • Electronic component manufacturing
  • Dry power filling and handling facility
  • Flammable gas handling station
  • Pharmaceutical, Solvent handling areas
  • Operating theatres
  • Laboratories
  • Aerospace and defense facilities
  • Automobile assembly
  • IT server & data storage rooms
  • Tele-communication control rooms

What are the features and benefits of MasterTop 1270 AS?

MasterTop 1270 AS protects sensitive electronic parts from the effects of static charges by dissipating them away.

  • Prevents explisions due to sparks of accumulated static charges
  • Avoid errors in readings of electronic instruments
  • easy maintenance and pore free

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MasterTop 1270AS: Technical Data Sheet

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