MasterTop 1324 - Seamless, self-smoothing heavy duty polyurethane based flooring system

How does MasterTop 1324 work?

MasterTop 1324 is a hard wearing, elastomeric, crack bridging, low emission and decorative matt polyurethane flooring system which can be applied with smooth or slip resistant finishes to a large range of substrates. It offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for a wide variety of applications ranging from classical industrial floor coverings to special slip resistant flooring.  

Apart from all their other advantages, MasterTop 1324 series feature durability, a joint-less, seamless design and excellent cleaning or antibacterial properties

Recommended uses:

MasterTop 1324 is used to provide bright durable floors for industrial and commercial applications.

  • Production and assembly halls
  • Pharmaceutical clen rooms
  • Retail and fashion
  • Warehousing
  • Office, exhibition and show room floors
  • Hospital and old people's homes
  • Technical areas and plant rooms

How can you benefit from MasterTop 1324?

  • Flexibility enhances impact resistance and accommodates flexure of suspended substrates
  • Joint free, even around columns and over large areas for maximum aesthetic freedom
  • Can be installed on to old asphalt substrate
  • Monolithically bonded to the substrate
  • Seamless coving available without seams or welds even at external corners and columns
  • Low emissions to AgBB
  • LEED certification
  • 40 year life cycle costing

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