MasterTop DAP - Decorative Image-based floor system

How does MasterTop DAP work?

MasterTop DAP is an innovative flooring system that puts stunning images onto floors in commercial, corporate and retail buildings. MasterTop DAP consists of a clear, light stable, 2-component resin binder system used to encapsulate a photographic image. It creates a unique ambience to any space, creating a floor that projects a vibrant image and captures the imagination.

Fields of applications

MasterTop DAP is used whenever a striking visual effect in combination with floor performance is desired such as:

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Receptions and Public Areas
  • Retail and Fashion
  • Fitness and health studios
  • Sport and Leisure
  • Restaurants

MasterTop DAP floors have excellent mechanical properties and offer good abrasion and wear characterstics in pedestrian trafficked areas.

How can you benefit from MasterTop DAP ?

  • Enables any picture, electronic image, logo or design to be incorporated into a floor
  • Seamless application
  • Robust , water tight epoxy resin seal protects the floor
  • Installed by trained specialist contractors to help ensurte that the best possible results are achieved.
  • System bond strength greater than tensile strength of concrete.

MasterTop 1202

- High-build, solvent free epoxy resin coating for concrete floor

MasterTop 1210

- A multi component solvent free epoxy floor coating system

MasterTop 1273 AS

- Medium load bearing, self-leveling, low emission (AgBB conformity), anti-static epoxy system with a smooth finish

MasterTop 1325 REG

- High comfort polyurethane system, smooth, matt, low emission, bacteriostatic floors

MasterTop 1620

- Solvent free two part epoxy primer for MasterTop Systems

MasterTop 1705

- Water dispersed epoxy resin coating

MasterTop 333

- Dust arresting and hardening treatment

MasterTop 410

- Non oxidizing, metallic-aggregate, dry-shake surface hardener

MasterTop 542 ECC

- Water based, self smoothing epoxy-cemetitious floor topping

MasterTop DAP

- Decorative Image-based floor system

MasterTop P1601

- Solvent free primer for MasterTop and MasterSeal systems

​MasterTop 1900 Series

- The innovative flooring solution for exceptional aesthetic durability

MasterTop 100

- Natural aggregate surface hardener

MasterTop 1220

– Slip resistant seamless flooring system

MasterTop 1230

– Epoxy based coloured seamless self-smoothing architectural flooring system

MasterTop 1240

– Epoxy resin based floor topping for medium to heavy duty traffic

MasterTop 1270 AS

- Anti-static, conductive, self-smoothing flooring system

MasterTop 1324

- Seamless, self-smoothing heavy duty polyurethane based flooring system

MasterTop 1325

- A decorative comfort polyurethane flooring system

MasterTop 1327

Decorative sound deadening seamless PU flooring systems


MasterTop DAP: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (129.97 Kb)