MasterTop 1705 - Water dispersed epoxy resin coating

How does MasterTop 1705 work?

MasterTop 1705 is durable coloured coating based on an advanced water-dispersed, two-part epoxy resin.

Recommended uses:

MasterTop 1705 can be applied on a wide variety of substrates such as concrete, masonry, etc. It is recommended as a protective coating on floors and walls where both high levels of aesthetics and chemical resistance are desired.

Applications include:

  • Coating areas in contact with potable water;
  • Wall coating in pharmaceutical and other areas that must be easy to clean;
  • Protection of floors against mild acids, alkalis, mineral oils, etc.;
  • Road tunnel wall coatings to improve the light conditions, to facilitate easy maintenance and to protect concrete against chemicals /pollutants;
  • Tunnel segment protection coating;
  • Curing membrane for concrete;
  • Light traffic areas in industrial buildings and warehouses

What makes MasterTop 1705 a unique solution?

MasterTop 1705 has been specially formulated to provide a durable coating system. MasterTop 1705 is suitable for contact with water intended for human consumption.

What are the features and benefits of MasterTop 1705?

  • Odourless and nontoxic – Safe
  • Resistant to attack by chemicals – Lowers maintenance costs
  • Water vapour permeable – Allows surface to breathe, preventing build-up of moisture in the structure
  • Non-flammable – Advantage in areas prone to fire hazard.
  • Color fast – coating is not readily affected by exposure to light
  • Tools can be cleaned with water – environmentally friendly and cost saving

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MasterTop 1705: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (249.52 Kb)