MasterTop 410 - Non-oxidizing, metallic-aggregate, dry-shake surface hardener

How does MasterTop 410 work?

MasterTop 410 is a non-rusting, metallic-aggregate surface hardener for industrial floors requiring improved abrasion and impact resistance over plain concrete.

Recommended uses:

  • Areas that can benefit from metallic-aggregate surface, but because of constant or frequent wet onditions, require that the metallic-aggregate be non-oxidizing.
  • Indoor installations where requirements include durability at a reasonable cost.
  • Industrial floor surface subject to moderate or heavy traffic and abrasion.
  • Area where surface dusting will affect the purity of manufactured products or the performance of precision machinery.
  • Areas frequently subject to deicing salts (warehouses & machineries, rolling stocks, steeling mills, printing and foods etc.)
  • Where not to use: Areas where floor surfaces will be exposed to acids, their salts or similar materials which seriously and rapidly attack cement.

What are the features and benefits of MasterTop 410?

  • Good abrasion resistance -minimised maintenance of floor surface
  • Dense surface, non-dusting and high-strength floor surface - improves resistance to penetration by oil, grease and many industrial chemicals.
  • Easy to repair - reduced shutdowns
  • No ferrous metals used - Non rusting floor.
  • Dense non-absorbent surface - Easily cleaned and maintained.

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MasterTop 410: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (232.15 Kb)