Solutions for Wind Energy Foundations and Towers

Specialized fatigue resistant grouting solutions for wind power

BASF’s Master Builders Solutions plays an important role in the production of alternative and renewable energy by aiding the successful construction of modern wind farms.

In response to fast-changing new designs and advancing technology, BASF experts have drawn on over 100 years of experience in the construction industry to engineer high-strength, ultra-durable and fatigue resistant grouts that specifically meet the demands of off- and onshore wind turbine installations and refurbishments.

Offshore wind turbine installations are extremely large, heavy and slender structures. They require large-scale underwater grouting to form robust, structural connections between the foundations and the wind turbines. These vital links in the construction are exposed to huge dynamic forces. BASF’s MasterFlow 9500 fatigue resistant grout has the proven ability to absorb enormous bending movements and vibrations, wave actions, aggressive temperature changes and high wind loads. A key application benefit of the MasterFlow 9500 grout is the rapid strength build up even in temperatures as low as 32° F (0°C), guaranteeing a fast, secure and cost-effective installation, earlier operation of the wind farm and return on investment.

For the safe and durable installation of onshore wind turbines, our uniquely formulated, high-performance MasterFlow 9300 grout contains metallic aggregates for ultra-high strength and fatigue resistance, that can be applied at temperatures as low as 35°F (2°C.) MasterFlow 9300 demonstrates excellent long-term durability and its rapid strength build-up ensures quick, safe and cost-effective installations.